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Professional version for those who want to maximize their sound quality was excellent and treated, has now become even more accessible, attractive and very comfortable, but it's all worth to consider specific examples in our review of the program. But first, I must say that the developers generally do not lose time in vain, but because of their final product turned out much more practical than the previous version, which also cannot be blamed for any problems. One way or another, but Sound Forge PRO 11 has become a real masterpiece for professionals working with sound, which significantly changed the balance of power in the market. So, to start the most important thing is that it was included in the program: it is a large number of additional effects and tricks that can change drastically even a simple track. First, a bit short. The program Sound Forge Pro 11 is a huge number of possibilities for sound processing and audio transcoding several options from one format to another is a simple demonstration of all the possibilities. It is likely that the developers were not kidding when they said that the program they have created, handles almost all the audio formats that exist in the world at the moment. In addition to a variety of effects and formats, you can use the setting of sound in multiple tracks or channels, depending on who and how it is more convenient to speak.

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Fine-tuning or a slight change?

However, the multi-channel audio is also not limited in the changes and settings, so it will be easy to deal with all of these parameters, in general, similar to multi-channel and multi-drop audio tracks. And now we will talk about each function in more detail, and it is hoped that you have the patience to read to the end, and not to rush to experience the strength of the program. So many new and improved old chips: what was actually changed in this program? First of all, it will be an improved sound quality, which was much better. So, for example, a computer with Sound Forge Pro 11 can easily handle the sounds and create a track with the parameters on the tracks 64-bit/192 kHz to 32 channels! The number of channels has increased compared to the previous version, but the sound of 64 bits is just pure, it does not compare with the familiar sound of a 32-bit and will be much better. Even the inexperienced ear, which rarely sees the difference between different sounds will understand that clean sound of the eleventh version of the reality better. Suitable sound quality - and here we cannot say this because the quality here is just great! As for sound processing, and even so far out of the box, which will distract us while. This program is a professional, it is often used even for professional recording music in the studio to produce crystalline sound, as if all this is not somewhere in the room, and the concert as a live sound.

Unchanging tradition of previous years

In this case, the main feature of the program, the classical range of sound that does not change with the sixth version of the program, and then even longer, is still in place and it says only that the program is improving, not forgetting the traditions. Therefore, when you change something, you can always see the changes on the scale of sound, which is very sensitive to any change. However, when it comes to zoom in to the point where one can see almost every note, this feature is also present, so you can easily access the Sound Forge Pro 11 in order to closely examine any track. Qualitative recognition of the sound is at the heart of this function and the program usually does everything in order to convert a set of bits to the graphics track with precise detection volume at each stage. Therefore the basis of the program, audio track, remains the same and it's still good to become even better than before. In addition, close to this, sound recording and storing it will show that you have done in recent years in the program, thus allowing to extract some changes directly in the process of working on the sound. This is very convenient because you do not have to apply to the folder with your saved tracks and discover you can literally two clicks.

All individually and all together

To select the area on the track to set a marker, and to it was possible to do anything with this path, it will be sufficient of one or two mouse movements. Another feature of the new version of the program lies in the fact that it is now one of the many tracks, each of whom is responsible for a separate audio channel, you can highlight and examine in more detail in order to understand what's going on there. Professionals will be able to do miracles if they would be in the hands of the program and even noise can drown out the elementary, without losing sound quality. Another useful piece, which appeared only in this version - Nectar Elements from iZotope. This team decided to add a lot of new to the program, in particular, is a plug that connects to the program already created settings for a particular genre of music. For example, a rock song, to improve the bass or even build a pop foundation for your tracks you can now easily that usually pursued those who tried to write his music. Based on this, now you can simply press a button and slightly adjust the specific settings. This plug-in is different from the main program of its unusual design and construction solutions, which are more similar to radio fifties. But this is not an exhaustive list of problems that can easily solve this plugin. Given that any track is a lot of noise, but not easy to get rid of them (for example, one must carefully review each track to find the problem), the solution is.

Processors and Threads

Actually, the plugin from iZotope can do it again with a minimum number of activities that require you to no more than 10 minutes of your time. Is it convenient? Of course! In the program for multi-threading built several processors, which speeds up all processes sound processing. Processing of the audio stream takes a long time only when you need to consider several parameters, which are located in different parts of the screen. In order to avoid distracting during operation data window was enlarged and now it brings a lot of different parameters of the sound scattered by the entire window before. By the way, that usually has a large spread: the volume has now received more parameters, so now you can set not only the overall volume level, but 4 more additional parameters that will change the way you think about the sound forever.

Setting triggers and scripting

However, all this is yet to be tested independently. Sometimes for sound you need to know when to begin a new phase of the track when it is necessary to include additional effects, and when they should be shut down, which will add a trigger volume, and which has lowered slightly, to make a clearer sound. And these functions are also there, so that the change event functions and installing numerous triggers, which, of course, has been very sound, without the help fine manual adjustment to achieve excellent results. Therefore, even during recording, you can include these effects and have good sound quality, which will automatically be modified according to your pre-set parameters of the sound track. But, be that as it may be, the work with the sound involves not only the creation, but changing it , and the recovery, which is usually forgotten when working in other programs. It happens, for example, that you need to restore the old track that has been digitized from the old one, or, even worse record. Rare, but when the speakers crackling sound, it may not please the listener.

The rehabilitation of the music , which is not due to search for a song in the network and replace it with a new one, but due to the fact that Sound Forge Pro 11 alone will replace all the music , so you can get a clean sound on the same track. Plug-ins that are built into the program, you can very easily set up , they give an elementary change , so you can safely begin to experiment to get a new, original sound of the old songs . Let's look at this in more detail, because of the team iZotope is not the first plug-in built into the program. The practicality of these elements has been proved for the beta program, so this is not even worth mentioning. In reality, they will be useful not less, because the program that copes with complex processing of sound, will make minimal changes even faster.

Intelligent plug-in

So, with the help of audio processing from iZotope you can convert audio in any frequency at any bit rate, which is only available, but also help you automatically find the right place on the track without your intervention. The construction of intelligent system here had very useful, because the program deals with the processing and post- processing without user intervention, allowing it to work on other problems sound. Also, this plugin can be an amazing way to add tools that other programs are set for a long time, but sound worse. Here, in the presence of a small number of parameters can be very accurate and precise tuning of the instrument, and even make a decent chorus of harmonics, pipes, as well as some other tools. But it's only the additional plug-ins. Everything related to the program itself, is almost unlimited. For example, Sound Forge Pro 11 can add the touch of a button, the sound track noise of the bus that will come in handy for that record, which shall include a live sound. It is an excellent effect for a movie or song. In addition, a schedule in which she performed the track record, too, can be set apart from all other parameters. This will help to get great information that will impact on good track in the future. Digital inputs allow for the sound to convert any sound from the microphone to the bits of parameters that will not have any doubt in the clarity and accuracy of the sounds on the record. Other useful bonuses that are received by the user by using this program are as follows.

Useful things without which you cannot do nothing

For a start, this reduction in the noise level, and it is automatic and you do not have to do anything for it. In addition there were 200 special effects that will be appreciated by anyone who wants to create and edit not only music, but also dialogues and simple sounds. Some of these effects are moved from the old versions, but the list has been significantly enhanced by new ones, which only appeared here. This means that you can now just create a unique creation of high quality. And finally, another useful thing that cannot be forgotten: scripts. This useful feature in the program will do everything possible to make the process sound processing faster and more convenient. By repeating the process a few times, do not need to put the settings before each run, because scripted you can repeat all of the infinite number of times.

Results of the review

Thus, the program has shown itself very well - even when processing high-definition audio, it is not a bit slow, and installation of plug-ins on the track is faster than in earlier versions. Lots of different plug-ins, sound effects and other things were added here. Most of functions, that we talked about, were developed specially for this version. New options, for example, for Record Window, will help the user to find the best way to improve the quality of this sound. Other changes allow you to play a little with markers, triggers and scripts. Under a common word it can be said that this version of program made a life of a soundmaker much easier. Nice style of program, new buttons, parameters and a relation to the previous versions will help you to understand some new visual changes for profitable. So we can safely say that this is a big step forward for Sound Forge Pro 11. And the patch, that has already been dropped in the market, improve this program much better. Use not only program, but a patch too. It will help you to use a program without any mistake.

Sound Forge Pro 11 Possibilities

  • to edit audio (a scrap, cutting of pieces, imposing filters and effects)
  • to clear old records (in Sound forge one of the best utilities noise suppression)
  • to write down the projects
  • to edit a sound in any video a file

  • Download Sound Forge Pro 10 for free

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